Ask the Experts


Does it matter if meat has a USDA certification?

Yes, the USDA stamp of approval is important. A butcher's USDA number – ours is 1081 – indicates how long they have been certified. The certification guarantees that the quality of meat is as advertised. To learn more, visit our USDA Beef Grade page.

What sets hand-cut steaks apart?

When steaks are hand-cut like ours, a butcher is personally ensuring you get the best piece of meat possible. That's something a machine just can't do.

What should I look for when selecting steak?

Coloring: Freshly cut meat has a bright appearance. You want to see a nice red coloring – that means the steak is fresh.
Marbling: Marbling gives steak both flavor and tenderness. The best steaks have specs of marbling spread evenly throughout them. To learn more, visit our Beef Product Descriptions.
Smell: Freshly butchered steaks have a slightly meaty smell but never smell stale or bad.

What are your most popular steaks?

Over the past 85 years, our customers' preferences have continually changed. Recently, our Filet Mignon, Center Cut New York Strip Steak and Boneless Ribeye Steak have been very popular. 

I'm a first-time customer. What do you recommend I order?

Our preselected samplers are a great place to start. For instance, our Rocky Recommends Gift Pack contains two different steak cuts, Pork Chops and Thick Cut Bacon. Check out our combination packs here.

What is flash freezing, and does it harm the meat?

Flash freezing does not harm the meat. In fact, it helps preserve freshly cut meat so when you're ready to prepare your ButcherHouse Cuts, they're as fresh as the day we cut them!