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R&R Provision Co. was founded by two men, Ralph and Russ, who lent their first initials to their new company’s name. With a truck and $100, they began delivering specialty food products around Northeast Pennsylvania for cash or barter.

The USDA issues R&R the number 1081, forever distinguishing the company as among the first in the country to sell USDA-graded beef.

Building on early accomplishments, R&R opens a meat-processing plant in Easton, Pennsylvania, and adds manufacturing to their successful distribution business.

Richard W. “Rocky” Rogers joins R&R as butcher and expands the company’s processing operations.

R&R expands its freezer facilities to meet demand as the company continues to grow. The slogan “R&R, best by far” is adopted, to which customers add, “if not by truck, then by car” in recognition of the company’s outstanding delivery service.

Adding to its wholesale business, R&R opens an on-site retail store in Easton, selling local favorites like veal patties, sausage and scrapple, a regionally beloved take on meatloaf popularized by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Rocky buys out some of the company’s early owners, and R&R expands its product offerings even further to better serve hundreds of the region’s top restaurants, country clubs, culinary arts schools, hospitals and more.

Rocky’s son, Richard W. “Rick” Rogers II, joins the family business as an intern. R&R’s Head Butcher, Harry Ludwick, comes on board, building an expert team.

Rocky Rogers buys the remaining piece of the company, now owning 100% of the booming family business. The company purchases a fleet of stainless-steel-body trucks, the gold-standard in the meat-delivery business.

Mark Fainor joins R&R as General Manager of Operations following a 15-year career in retail supermarket management, continuing to strengthen the R&R management team.

R&R is awarded the Community Fabric Award for Best Hospitality of the Decade by Northampton Community College’s prestigious Culinary Arts Program.

R&R opens a new, state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Easton, allowing it to process thousands of pounds of meat products daily. Expansion gives R&R a total of 40,000 square feet of operational space.

The company celebrates its 85th Anniversary and launches its online shop Butcher House Cuts. The leadership reigns are passed to a third generation with Rick named President & CEO.

Harry Ludwick and Mark Fainor2021

With Rick's retirement, Head Butcher Harry Ludwick is promoted to President & CEO after more than 30 years with R&R.  Mark Fainor is promoted from General Manager of Operations to Vice President of Operations after 25 years with R&R.  


All this history adds up to your very best place to buy steaks, scrapple and quality meats online. All our steaks and chops are hand cut and our scrapple is house made. Now conveniently open 24 hours a day from your phone, tablet or PC.