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Harry's Favorites Gift Pack

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  • Harry's Favorites Gift Pack
  • Harry's Favorites Gift Pack
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Harry, our President & CEO, has been our head butcher for more than 40 years. He knows which of our specialty products our customers love.  This gift pack is loaded with those customer favorites. 

Package includes:

  • (4) 16 oz. Philadelphia Steak Sandwich Meat
  • (4) 6 oz. Steak Burgers
  • (4) 8 oz. Butter Steaks
  • (4) 6 oz. Oblong Cube Steaks
  • (4) 7.5 oz. Breaded Veal Patties
  • (4) 4 oz. Italian Sausage Links

Note:  Picture does not represent the quantity that is included in the box.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions:

Philadelphia Steak Sandwich Meat - Make your own Philly steak sandwich with our tender, thinly sliced meat.  Simply saute in a pan with your favorite vegetables, add to a roll and top with your favorite cheese.

Steak Burgers - Made daily from the trim of our delicious steaks.  

Butter Steaks - Extra lean beef is ground, tenderized and formed into a patty and then topped with melted butter.  The butter gives the steak a juicy, rich steak-like bite.  Butter steaks can be treated like our steak burgers and served on a bun, but delicious enough to be eaten like a steak. 

Oblong Cube Steaks - Extra lean beef is ground, tenderized and formed into an oblong patty.  Shaped perfectly to fit into a toasted hoagie roll.  We love to top our cube steaks with sauteed onions and a mix of our favorite condiments.  Or skip the roll and serve with gravy over mashed potatoes.

Breaded Veal Patties - 100% pure veal is chopped, formed into patties and covered in a delicate seasoned breading.  Bake or pan saute in oil, top with marinara sauce and your favorite cheese.  A great quick Italian dinner.

Italian Sausage Links - Made from select cuts of pork and flavored with herbs and spices.  Pan fry or grill them to serve on a roll or crumble into a hearty sauce and serve with your favorite pasta.